I work in a variety of mediums but mostly these days I paint. Assemblage sculpture I love, but it requires a lot of space to store the raw materials and I move around too much for it to be workable.

- early work - icon - portrait - other
- stupa - buddha - sculpture park
- water - self
Computer art
- fractals - word animations
Drawing & stuff

Being an artist is central to my identity these days. My art is about self-discovery, but also about having fun.

The psyche doesn't seem to be directly knowable - it is in large part hidden. I liken the process to trying to understand the wind - we know about it from it's effects. We see the leaves moving on the trees, or we feel the air moving on our skin, but we cannot see the wind. I try to allow my creative impulses to work their way out of me and to shape my environment with as little interference as possible from my conscious mind. Often I am astounded by what emerges.

A new theme which has been emerging is the creation of order from chaos both inner and outer. I first came across the idea in an interview with Camille Paglia in Urthona Magazine. She talks about the dyonisian or chthonic forces of the unconscious and the ego's frantic efforts to control and structure its world which Paglia relates to the Apollonian (see this WIRED interview for instance) . So I'm beginning to see my art as a response to a world which is frequently hostile and sterile, and to the inner chaos of my poor demented mind. The end result, hopefully, will be not the domination of one aspect of the personality, but of integration, synthesis, and transcendence.